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A backlog of the various articles I've written for The Daily SPUF and other sites. Please only comment, like, reblog etc. on the originating site, likely spuf.org

UCSC Portfolio

Hello GPM professors at UCSC! Please find attached examples of articles, videos, games, quests, NPCs, images and GIFs I’ve created.

1. Sample articles: On this blog you can find copies of all 400+ articles I’ve written for various websites. Some article that showcase my breadth of focus are “What Makes a Free-to-Play Game Successful?“, “On Blood“, “Differentiating Your Baddies“, “A Model Modeler“, and “I Attended DreamHack 2016!“.

2. Videos: This video is one of the many biweekly videos I upload to the Daily SPUF YouTube channel, The SPUF of Legend:

3. Games: Here are links to two completed projects I’ve made using Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Developer:



4. Quests/NPCs: I’m also the longest-serving writer for the in-development MMORPG Legends of Equestria. With 18 quests and 38 NPCs to my name, I’ve written more content than anyone on the project.


Here’s a link where you can peruse copies of my quests and NPCs. Some of my favorites are “The Monsters are Due in Midway Village“, “Full Yellow Jacket“, “Metamorphic Ventures“, NPC Point Dexter and NPC Purple Rain. Note that every NPC in Legends of Equestria comes with a character bio, backstory speech and at least ten lines of idle dialogue. The project managers are very keen on subverting Welcome to Corneria.

A screenshot from Legends of Equestria, with NPC Spuffy!

5. Images: I’ve created images for various articles on The Daily SPUF, but note that my primary skill is writing and the images are usually just to augment an article’s content.

This was for an article protesting the inclusion of cosmetic microtransactions into Killing Floor 2:


This image was for an announcement regarding Halloween events in two separate franchises.


This was the thumbnail for a SPUF of Legend video reviewing Paladins: Champions of the Realm.


6. GIFs: I also make GIFs for incorporating into my articles. All of my GIFs are hosted on gyfcat.